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Two Lady Artists with Bees in Their Bonnets

28 February 2007

Oh, how we miss Spy Magazine...

Separated at birth?

On the left, a bodacious mannequin we found a while back at a cheap store on Canal Street. On the right, Maxwell Anderson, formerly the very controversial Director of the Whitney Museum, now at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and his wife, actress Jacqueline Anderson.

We felt briefly bad about pointing out this similarity after reading a sympathetic biographical article about the Andersons (married 11 plus years, since Jacqueline was about 20 years old and he was about 40), and their two children. But then we looked at some more pictures, and decided we didn't feel that bad....

We realize we were terribly remiss in not crediting the photo of the arty couple. We came upon it on Artforum's Diary coverage of the Armory Show last week.

22 February 2007

Women fight discrimination, in "Style"

Yet again, the New York Times thinks the Fashion and Style section is the right place to talk about serious women's issues. Last time it was a woman running for president, this time it's women fighting workplace discrimination for mothers.

For some reason, it makes me remember this postcard I had pinned on my wall in college.

20 February 2007

Overheard at IKEA

(in the frame department)

"I don't get why anyone would spend money on art when you could just get some paint and cardboard and do it yourself"

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08 February 2007


Could it be? After all these decades, is the Greenpoint oil spill really going to get cleaned up? And those responsible really going to be held accountable? And someone really cares?

Just for a minute, I feel warm inside. I know it will pass, just let me have my moment.

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02 February 2007

Artastrophe II

Okay, we're a little late to the party, but That Broad had to go to MA this weekend to investigate ... and the verdict is in: the previous week's art/marketing/policing debacle in Boston ensures that even more people will feel justified in their belief that artists are idiots.

In case you missed it, two art-dorks (we mean, performance artists) were hired by a small marketing company that was in turn engaged by Turner Broadcasting to promote a new TV show by placing small lite-brite-style boxes around several cities, including New York. The boxes have been in place for months thus far, mostly without causing a stir, but last week Boston spent approximately $750,000 responding to the possibility that the they posed a terrorist threat.

As always, Broadsheet duly took the side of the artists... right up until the time they staged a mock press conference, refusing to answer any questions that didn't pertain to their hairstyles.

Air America's Randi Rhodes weighed in against the terror hysteria, bashing poor beleaguered Williamsburg in the process. She described the two terror suspects, both of whom were arrested and then released on bond in Boston last week, as "graduates of Mass College of Art... you know, those kinds of white guys with the dreads and the tattoos and the PIERCINGS." Managing to take a broad swipe at hipster-art-dorks everywhere, the Boston police and Homeland Security in one impressive breath she said, "if they're terrorists, have ya been to Williamsburg? Have ya seen the people there? If those two guys are terrorists, then Williamsburg is a sleeper cell." Ha!

Poor us!