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12 June 2006

Apparently We Have Not Really Come Such A Long Way, Baby

Maybe you missed this, dear reader, it having appeared in the cheeky, gossip-infested Style section of the Sunday New York Times and you being a serious person, but yesterday there appeared an article discussing the potential for a female president of the United States.

Why, you ask, should a discussion of why our country has never had a female head of state (and why it in fact lags behind many other countries, including those not exactly famous for their benevolent and equal treatment of their female citizens) be considered next to the adjacent articles "Strung out On Love and Checked In for Treatment", "Shopping with Lauren Conrad Heidi Montag: Blond Ambition Comes in Flats or Heels", and "Having All the Fun", part of the campaign to re-heterosexualize Eric McCormack?

Is it as simple and 1950s as this? Women politicians are to be discussed primarily in terms of their makeup, hairstyles, and catfighting potential? We're trying to think of charitable reasons why this article might be in the purview of Style. It does quote a few celebrities, such as Susan Sarandon and George Clooney, but the Hollywood varnish strikes one as applied, not intrinsic. One can almost hear the editor calling the writer, breaking the news: "That article on the prospect of a woman president? Yes, we still need it tomorrow, but it's going in the Style section and we'll need some celebrity quotes." Ouch!

When one reads the article on the website, as we did, the text is sandwiched between a column of photos of real women foreign heads of state on the left, and a giant Neutrogena Dermabrasian ad featuring a woman wearing nothing but a towel on the right. That is the context in which we read about the unfortunate dearth of women in "the political pipeline in the United States, which now, with 8 female governors out of 50, and 14 female senators of 100, still offers a limited number of experienced candidates for the presidency."
Last but not least, we would try to ignore the the article’s title, with its terrible pun and its ever-so-slight whiff of “eww", but we found that to be impossible.

A bee in our bonnet? Try a hornet's nest!

Yours In Indignation,
The Broads


Blogger mikki said...

Totes, my dears!

People are all worked up about "attack rabbit" Katie Couric getting a job only held by penis-people, while other countries are actually electing female heads of state.

I wonder what trend the style section will cover next? I hear equal pay is just coming into vogue.

2:44 PM  
Blogger That Broad said...

Hey Mikki, we thank you for bringing today's item to our attention! Will you let us know if you hear any more about that equal pay thingie becoming a trend? I sure hope Katie knows about it!

3:14 PM  
Blogger This Broad said...

Yes, we at broadsheet are very worried Katie is not getting paid enough! Kidding aside, I would love to know how her salary stacks up against the anchorboys'.

I haven't watched her yet, she's on now, right?

4:58 PM  
Blogger mikki said...

I just hope she has a pink tie to wear, or a pink desk.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Well, I, just for fun, for my first comment was going to try to write a "devils advocate" response, but I honestly am a bit depressed about this and can't think of anything.

Oh wait, maybe I can. I was very tickled, in fact, to hear Hilary's speech when she was elected senator, when she made a joke about going through 300 ny cities and 12 blue pantsuits. It made her seem human and feminine. I liked that. Plus the style section beats the War section (ie the rest of the paper) any day.

My only weak point to your obviously superior and more correct media critique is that we really don't know much about what a country or press under a female president might look like. Hopefully different!


11:03 AM  

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