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23 February 2008

This Feminist Voted for Obama

Despite the headline, The Broads are split on which Democratic candidate is best qualified to lead the US at this moment in history, and which is best positioned to defeat McCain in November.

But This Broad, who considers herself a feminist of the first degree, has been dispirited by the feminist bashing of Obama supporters of late, and their implications that a female American who doesn't vote for Clinton is self-hating, timid, post-feminist, and un-evolved.

Despite my distaste for her husband as a person and a politician (tempered, to be sure, by the past 7 years of true hell), I would be nothing short of thrilled to have a woman in general, and Hillary Clinton in particular, leading our country. But it rang true to me when Bill Richardson called Barack Obama a "once in a lifetime leader." I think Obama is brilliant, and that his ability to inspire and motivate Americans to participate in improving our country, in addition to a pledge to work hard on our behalf, means his potential to forge real change in this country and perhaps beyond is unparalleled. And despite the undeniable realities of gender discrimination--not to mention misogyny--in our country and in the world, I think it is bad for women and kind of gross when Clinton and her supporters play victim.

While we're at it, I've heard women point out, as an example of sexism, that so many people call Senator Clinton "Hillary". It has bothered me too, but that particular example of sexism begins at home.

If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, I will support her in every way possible. The growing acrimony between Democrats is terrifying, displaying the idiotic death-wish that once again threatens to hand the election to the Republicans during this year when they should not have a chance.

And let us apologize for the absurdly long absence in posting. We have been otherwise fruitfully occupied. We can't promise it won't happen again, but for now we are here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I selfishly support Hillary because I desperately want health care. It's more of a priority for her than Barack. With the economy tanking, it becomes an even larger issue.

But both are enormously better than the opposition.

12:39 PM  
Blogger This Broad said...

I respect that, and it is a hugely important issue. But I think Obama is at least as likely as Clinton, if not more likely, to achieve near-universal health insurance (neither is likely to achieve truly universal care anytime soon, as evidenced thus far in Massachusetts).

btw if you haven't already, check out Obama's arts policy statement.

Not that I'm really trying to convince you of anything. More than anything I just want to beat the republicans.

1:34 PM  

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