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10 December 2007

Kid-Friendly Miami

We know that as artists we're not supposed to like going to Miami, or to art fairs, and god-forbid combining the two... so it embarrasses us slightly to admit that one of the broads chose to go to Miami last week and (horrors!) had a good time.

This time around we made it to a couple of parties but our idea of making the scene consisted largely of playing chase on the beach and eating ice cream with our 3 year old on Lincoln Road. He doesn't yet appreciate art very much, so we only made it to a fraction of the 24 fairs infesting Miami this year (one-sixth, to be exact), but we were impressed by the four we visited.

We ask you, dear skeptics who are older than 3, how are we to resist? All the art you can stomach to make up for the fact that you haven't been to chelsea in 6 months.... fabulous beach weather and the beach itself to nap off your hangover... parties every night, often including free drinks... hoards of plastic surgified ladies of indeterminate age and rampant denim 'n' sparkle fashion providing countless opportunities to feel intellectually and aesthetically superior.... What's not to like?

We know, we know: the crass commercialism, the terribly hung booths, the $20 price tag when the drinks *aren't* free, the hordes of glamourpusses who don't care about art but are just making the scene, the clever little bullshit and punishing half-assedness (as a friend recently characterized art-fair work) to which the art fair setting seems so conducive.

But either we're getting more accustomed to seeing art the way it is exhibited at art fairs, or perhaps the galleries are getting better at hanging work (or both), but we enjoyed viewing the work at the fairs this time. We only wished we could have afforded to buy some!



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