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Two Lady Artists with Bees in Their Bonnets

28 January 2007


16 January 2007

Edna, Where Art Thou?

Where once was a steaming morass of crankiness that put BS to shame, there is now merely a BSOD. Did Edna commit blogocide?

And we never even saw her face....

Should we have a wake?

14 January 2007


We were so happy to see vegan fashion in the New York Times Style section! It's high time people started seeing leather as part of the anti-cruelty movement. We've always wondered why fur is so taboo in certain circles, and leather so unquestioned.

Not that we're perfect in this regard. Both Broads strive to limit their cowskin, but haven't managed to completely purge their wardrobes; This Broad being slightly less vigilant than That Broad. But even if you're not yet ready to give up your adorable leather boots (and we know it's hard!), it's great to see the fashion industry giving more and more fabulous choices to those who would like to wear less leather.

There are some pretty cute options here and here.

08 January 2007

BS On The Couch

That Doctor:
What would you like to talk about this week?

This Patient:
Well, I'm feeling a lot of ambivalence about my last post.

Mmmm hmmmmm....? Go on....

As you know I consider myself a feminist, and this is a feminist blog, and, well, last week I went and posted a bunch of boobies on it.

And how does that make you feel?

Well, I realize I'm conflicted about using obscenely proportioned images of women (well, they weren't exactly real women) in my post, even though the intent was to expose sexism.

Perhaps you are familiar with what Lucy Lippard said: "blah blah blah blah."*
*It is a subtle abyss that separates men's use of women for sexual titillation from women's use of women to expose that insult. L. Lippard, 1976

It makes me feel inadequate when you trot out those musty olde feminist crones.

I'm sensing some hostility issues toward older women.

Well, it's true, my mother used to flagellate me with her old bras.

Would you like to talk about that?

Not really.

Let's return then to those sexist images. Where do I find those online? My interest is purely professional... ahem.

You see, that's just what I mean. I tried to make a point about retailers' horrid attitude towards women's bodies. But, like artists I've criticized whose work simply functions as free porn, maybe I've gone and done that too.

Since you couldn't control the perception of the viewers, now you are afraid that you are guilty of reifying sexual stereotypes. Am I close?

Yes, I think that's it. I'm a hypocrite.

I'm glad you finally realized that. I think you've made some really great progress today.

You can put your clothes back on now.

04 January 2007

Made You Look

As the L train likes to say, we apologize for the unavoidable delay... in creating our Top 10 list for 2007.

In the meantime, just to hold your attention, we thought we'd share these lovelies spotted last night in a store window on Canal Street directly across the street from Pearl Paint and snapped with the brand new camera phone we just figured out how to download photos from about 15 minutes ago.

You might see these someplace else as well, since we were not the only paparazzi who couldn't resist taking their pictures. When I was shooting our friend on the right, a gentleman next to me who had a fancy SLR camera with giant lens and a bag of accessories said (of our friend on the left), "This one over here has extra nipples!"

I was thrilled by the momentary thought that he meant extra as in more than two, but I was only slightly disappointed by the reality.