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18 August 2006

An Apology To Our Reader(s)

Dear Reader(s):

It has come to our attention that there has been some tinkering with our settings, and several of the amusing and witty comments we have received have been languishing in pre-approval limbo. We do apologize and regret any disappointment and disgust that this situation may have caused. Please continue to post and all of your delightful comments will now go straight to print. Unless of course they are coarse, vulgar and horrid and we deem them unfit for consumption.

Contritely Yours,
The Broads

14 August 2006

I Have A Massive Bee in My Bonnet

Gentle Reader(s),

Perhaps you are luckier than I, and have never had to work in an office. Perhaps you were born after 1970, and have never heard of a "mimeograph" or a "carbon copy." These two factors together have lead to an unfortunate breach of email etiquette that I simply must, ah, address.


"But how can I control this?" you say. "Why, it's simple," I reply -- enter the addresses in the field labeled "BCC". That's B as in "BLIND," C as in "CARBON" and C as in "COPY." "Oooooh, I always wondered what that was...." I can hear you saying.

"But why the big stick up your ... I mean, why the big ol' BEE in your bonnet, about this?" you ask.

Because I've grown bored with worrying about the world getting blown to bits and I need to return my attention to the petty irritations of daily life.

And because I get too much freakin' spam, and I would like retain the illusion of control over my personal email address. That's why. It also strikes me as truly bad manners to know that many people, receiving an email with addresses revealed, see this as an invitation to lift the names and add them to their own list. I don't think your fancy-pants critics, collectors and museum director friends enjoy this either!!

Still not convinced? Just as an example, consider this: You apply for a grant. You get rejected. The rejection letter goes out as an email and all of the rejected artists' addresses, some with their names attached, are revealed. Oops! Yes, that's right! Somebody forgot to enter them in the BCC field. Yes, it was an accident. Yes, there was a very contrite email apology. But still.

So to all of the rest of you out there: STOP IT!

You know who you are. And so do I.

Disproportionately Annoyed,
That Broad

12 August 2006

The Occasional Gentleman's Perspective

Dear Reader(s):

Because we here at Broadsheet believe, not so much in equal time for the male perspective, but in farming out the work, we present to you a video, recently received, from male artist David Kramer. You will laugh. You will cry. Or maybe you will simply sit in stunned silence brought on by self-recognition.

In any case, please see the above post to view this occasional male perspective.*

Brought to you by The Broads

*DISCLAIMER: The creative content and ideas expressed in this video are those of the male artist. We are well aware that many people, including us from time to time, regard artists as self-loathing, whining babies... hey that was part of a recent post title... but we digress. Needless to say, we do not necessarily endorse this position, but we do think Mr. Kramer is very funny when he complains. And here at BS, we're all about the cranky.

01 August 2006

Top 10 Current Obsessions

We apologize for the unavoidable delay in service. Hard work and anxious fretting have intervened in our posting schedule. We hereby put you on notice that August Broadsheet activity is going to be light. Both Broads are hard at work for upcoming shows.

In lieu of anything coherent, we present instead our current obsessions, in list form:

  • The worsening Middle East conflict(s), sense that the world may be ending, and accompanying heartbreaking stories.
  • Our artwork, which despite its relative (or absolute?) irrelevance to the wider world is still driving us crazy because, for some reason, we care.
  • NYC's heatwave and impending possible blackouts. Getting anything done in this heat is almost impossible, and we are constantly cranky!
  • (Related) Heat is really bad for paint! Something one of us Broads was working on yesterday dried wrong and cracked miserably.
  • What is up with those Mitchum Man ads on the subway? If you've ever fantasized about installing one of those subway poles up a Mitchum Man's bum, you're a Broadsheet Woman.
  • The day job is really getting in the way. How to survive without it?
  • We think that, come Fall, BS online may take another form. We miss the print zine. We'll keep you posted, of course.
Stay cool, dear friends.

This Broad