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12 August 2006

The Occasional Gentleman's Perspective

Dear Reader(s):

Because we here at Broadsheet believe, not so much in equal time for the male perspective, but in farming out the work, we present to you a video, recently received, from male artist David Kramer. You will laugh. You will cry. Or maybe you will simply sit in stunned silence brought on by self-recognition.

In any case, please see the above post to view this occasional male perspective.*

Brought to you by The Broads

*DISCLAIMER: The creative content and ideas expressed in this video are those of the male artist. We are well aware that many people, including us from time to time, regard artists as self-loathing, whining babies... hey that was part of a recent post title... but we digress. Needless to say, we do not necessarily endorse this position, but we do think Mr. Kramer is very funny when he complains. And here at BS, we're all about the cranky.


Blogger Kate said...

The narrative and the imagery from this video are disturbing in their similarity to short films by Jem Cohen, but it is halarious. All of us sitting at our computers are a testimony to his observations. Thanks for sharing this!

9:38 AM  

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