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01 August 2006

Top 10 Current Obsessions

We apologize for the unavoidable delay in service. Hard work and anxious fretting have intervened in our posting schedule. We hereby put you on notice that August Broadsheet activity is going to be light. Both Broads are hard at work for upcoming shows.

In lieu of anything coherent, we present instead our current obsessions, in list form:

  • The worsening Middle East conflict(s), sense that the world may be ending, and accompanying heartbreaking stories.
  • Our artwork, which despite its relative (or absolute?) irrelevance to the wider world is still driving us crazy because, for some reason, we care.
  • NYC's heatwave and impending possible blackouts. Getting anything done in this heat is almost impossible, and we are constantly cranky!
  • (Related) Heat is really bad for paint! Something one of us Broads was working on yesterday dried wrong and cracked miserably.
  • What is up with those Mitchum Man ads on the subway? If you've ever fantasized about installing one of those subway poles up a Mitchum Man's bum, you're a Broadsheet Woman.
  • The day job is really getting in the way. How to survive without it?
  • We think that, come Fall, BS online may take another form. We miss the print zine. We'll keep you posted, of course.
Stay cool, dear friends.

This Broad


Blogger That Broad said...

I imagine that considered from the proper paranoid angle, the reappearance of the Mitchum Man and Mel Gibson, together with the searing heat, rising gas prices and the increasing death and destruction in the middle east together signal a conspiracy of some sort.... And let's not forget about GLOBAL WARMING... bringing new and profound meaning to our motto: Cranky As The Day Is Long!

1:58 PM  
Blogger *ArtStar* said...

CRANKY is sooo the word for it...

IRRITATED and LETHARGIC are a couple of others...

best of luck with your shows...

: )

8:10 PM  

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