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19 September 2006

Nearly-Yearly Failure Attempt (it's an acronym)

Fall has just begun and we're already suffering bouts of art hysteria. We broads need to take a sea cure, or at least a spa day. Our quaint displays of our wares are safely hung on their respective white (or not) walls, and at least one of us has made great progress in perusing (okay, scouring) ye olde blog-o-spheare in search of civilized discussions on the topic of our show(s). Why we would ever subject ourselves to such a wringing out of our emotions is a private matter. However, we will say that the attendant roller coaster ("fearless", "terrible", "fascinating", "heavy-handed", "thought-provoking", "pretty lame", et cetera) has left us the worse for wear, just when we need our energy for grant-rejection-solicitation season.

Whatever you do, just don't ask us for a letter of recommendation!


Blogger That Broad said...

good morning and thank you for your post, ThisBroad, which really hits the nail on the head, in oh-so-many ways. I'm very much looking forward to our Board Meeting tonight and presenting my top three topics for consideration:
1. should we reveal the blog in which our shows were discussed, independently and unbeknownst to the blogger of our This & That status?
2. does BS need more pictures?
3. will there be food? (that is always my third question)

10:09 AM  
Blogger This Broad said...

1. Probably not, as it would out us as well.
2. Perhaps.
3. I don't know if our currently chosen venue presents food as an option. If not, perhaps we should go elsewhere as I also will be hungry.

10:47 AM  
Blogger That Broad said...

I would like to suggest some hopeful acronyms:

Next Year Fairly Attainable

Now You Find Access

I would open it up for a contest but I have no prizes to give away... damn!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now You Find Acceptance

11:46 AM  
Anonymous jec said...

should we reveal the blog in which our shows were discussed...?

Just a wild guess here, but did said blogger trash every show they saw, including mine?

9:13 PM  

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