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06 December 2006

The Rapture

What with everyone in the art world headed off to Miami this week, you may be finding yourself feeling a little like the "left behind." It is just an illusion - you are not alone! We at BS have split the difference: This Broad, south, That Broad, north. So whether you are here or there or just about anywhere, consider us your open forum for venting and whining and even for success stories as we celebrate a week of The Rapture in Miami!!!


Blogger That Broad said...

Just in via txt msg from This - no art to report on, she's relaxing in an art free zone. But if you want some up to the minute reportage, check out Art Fag City where Paddy is blogging up a storm!

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Roll up your beach towel and be my eyes on the ground. Wassup down there? How is Ed doing? Not that I have any stakes in this...

11:21 AM  

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